Walking Man Educational Screenings

Mark Norwine, walking man and president of NBHA, visits schools and organizations across the country screening the award-winning documentary, Walking Man, and speaking to students, educators, parents, health professionals, and community members. For further information about presentations and screenings, click here. To see where Walking Man will be next, click here

Walking Man, the documentary 

After a Missouri high school loses three students to suicide, Mark Norwine (a mental health advocate), embarks on a 200-mile walk across the state, seeking to educate students and better understand the epidemic for himself. Mark is joined by his son, Eric, but when the road proves difficult, father and son must confront their own mental health struggles, which they've kept secret for so long. Walking Man is an honest look at one family's journey with mental illness. Learn more about the film at walkingmanmovie.com. To purchase and watch the film through Amazon, click here. To purchase a DVD version of the film, please email nbhadvocates@gmail.com or click here to send a request. 

Reviews of Walking Man
"This was a great documentary. Very honest and not over the top."

"True life happening in this documentary."  
Honest, straightforward and 100% on target."
Mental illness presented in personal, educational and caring way." 

Walking Man, the book

Following two suicide attempts, Mark was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In Walking Man, Mark, his wife, and his son tell their story about mental illness and suicide. The book also includes journal entries from Mark's 200-mile walk across the state of Missouri. To purchase an electronic version of the book, click here. To purchase a hard copy, please email nbhadvocates@gmail.com or click here to send a request.