June 2
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri; Missouri Department of Mental Health's Spring Training Institute 2017; Speaker (Information here)

December 1-3
Jefferson City, Missouri; Coordinated School Health Conference; Information booth

November 28-29
Colorado Springs, Colorado; Peak View Behavioral Health and surrounding schools; Suicide prevention

November 8
St. Louis, Missouri; Youth In Need; Mental health and suicide prevention training 

October 26
St. Louis, Missouri; Metro Academic & Classical High School; Mental health education

October 25
St. Louis, Missouri; Stix Early Childhood Center School; Documentary screening and Q&A

October 12-14
Colorado Springs, Colorado; AspenPointe Annual Heroes of Mental Health; Keynote Speaker (Information here

October 4
Decatur, Illinois; Decatur Public Library's Madden Auditorium; Documentary screening and Q&A (Information here)

October 1
Montgomery County,Illinois; Reach Church; Suicide awareness for community 

September 26
Indianapolis, Indiana; Indianapolis Lutheran; Documentary screening and Q&A

September 19-20
Springfield, MO; Greenwood School; Principles of Bullying Prevention